My first ReactJS app from scratch

ReactJS is a JavaScript library for developing user interfaces (UIs) which efficiently update when your data changes ReactJS apps are very performant since ReactJS uses a virtual DOM which is a JavaScript object representing the regular DOM. The virtual DOM is much faster than the regular DOM To install ReactJS on your computer open a […]

Basics of XML

XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is a hierarchically structured document consisting of nested tags that resemble HTML tags. XML does not mean less storage space or quick access to information. However, XML lets you declare your own tags and is platform independent. XML also enables the design of domain-specific markup language because namespaces […]

My first bundle with Webpack 4

Webpack is a open-source bundler for web assets like CSS or JavaScript files To install Webpack you will need NPM to be installed on your computer or any similar package manager like Yarn. Open a command line and go to the root directory of your project, then run C:\>xampp\htdocs\webpack-project>npm install webpack –save-dev   Proceed to […]

Configuring your web server with .htaccess

A .htaccess file helps you to configure your web server, such as the Apache web server. In a .htaccess file, you can declare rewrite rules, prevent image hotlinking, handle bad http requests (404 Not Found), and so on. You can even use htaccess for basic authentication along with a .htpassword file where you can store […]

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework for building responsive, mobile-first apps.