What is Node.js?

Node.js is a Runtime Enviroment for executing JavaScript code outside the browser

Node.js is Asynchronous by default. Which means Node.js can handel several requests at the same time

When naming classes in Node.js the first letter of every word in the class name should be uppercase e.g. EventEmmitter. This convention is called Pascal Case (PascalCase) and when naming variables use camelCase e.g. firstName, lastName

Node.js has built-in modules which you can use within your modules.The most frequently used are:

The os module

The fs module

The events module

The http module

Node.js does not have a window object or a document object instead Node.js has a global object

Open a CMD window on Windows or a terminal in Mac OS to see if you have Node.js already installed:

C:\>node –version


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