JSP with JDBC connection to a MySQL database

Before we start with this example for connecting and reading data from a MySQL database, we assume that you already have a JSP/Servlet container like Apache Tomcat, Jetty etc. and a MySQL database installed on your computer. An easy to understand article about installing Apache Tomcat can be found in previous tutorials here on Librescript. […]

Installing Apache Tomcat 9 on Windows or macOS

To develop JSPs or servlets, you need a Tomcat container and the latest JDK (Java Development Kit) to be installed on your local computer. To find out if the JDK is already installed on your computer, you can open a command prompt window (CMD) or a terminal on macOS and run: $ java -version java […]

Setting up an NGINX web server on a windows machine

NGINX is a free and open-source server which is known to be very performant. NGINX is also very often used as load balancer and mail server with support to POP3 and IMAP protocols NGINX vs Apache NGINX uses by far less memory than Apache and can handle much more requests per second, however, NGINX is […]

Configuring your web server with .htaccess

A .htaccess file helps you to configure your web server, such as the Apache web server. In a .htaccess file, you can declare rewrite rules, prevent image hotlinking, handle bad http requests (404 Not Found), and so on. You can even use htaccess for basic authentication along with a .htpassword file where you can store […]